Adventures in Paris: The Eiffel Tower

Today was a big day for me as I got to see one of the coolest things in the world: the Eiffel Tower. It was breathtaking.

However, my day started around 10 am when I ate breakfast. Then some of us proceeded to walk around our hotel looking for a French bookstore. We had the morning off so we spent it sleeping in and aimlessly finding something new to do.

After hitting the bookstore we wanted to grab a quick bite for lunch because of how busy the afternoon seemed to be. There was a small sandwich shop across from our hotel to we went there for lunch. I ordered a small sandwich and everyone wanted to eat at the place so we sat down.

This was really the first experience I had that was super challenging in terms of the language barrier. I told the lady I wanted to eat my sandwich at the shop but there must have been some miscommunication. They wrapped my sandwich up for me and everyone I was with had already disappeared so I went back to find them. By the time I sat down and got comfortable I was being yelled at to leave. I didn’t understand what was happening at first but eventually I understood the woman to be yelling at me to get out.

It was a very frustrating experience for me. As hard as I’ve tried to speak French when I can and to be polite, there is only so much I know right now. It was also hard being yelled at for what seemed like something so small. I get that my sandwich was wrapped up but I didn’t know that it meant I couldn’t sit down to eat.

I went back to my hotel to eat but I ended up eating alone, upset because I was just kicked out of somewhere. Other than this one experience I really haven’t had any other encounters like this so it was really a learning experience for me, especially because I don’t want to live up to the ‘entitled American’ stereotype that seems to follow me to foreign countries.

I really couldn’t enjoy the sandwich either because I was so upset. It was good but the whole experience dampened how good it ended up being.

Shortly after lunch our class went to the Cinema museum. I was pumped for this one because I love movies and the history of how they started. This museum was right up my alley and it lived up to all of my expectations.

It was quite small but there was a lot in there about the early inventions that led to making movies as well as things about people in the business. I wish we would have spent more time there but our teachers wanted to make sure we got to the Eiffel Tower in time so we could go to the top.

There was a bit of waiting until 4 pm when we were finally allowed up. This is one of the best skylines in Paris. It was so beautiful out and you could see for miles. It was really cool to see Sacre Coeur in the distance because when we were there earlier this week we could see the Eiffel Tower. We were also able to spot other major landmarks like the Arc de Triumphe and Notre Dame.

Of course being the tourist I am, I got plenty of pictures of the skyline and of the tower itself. Once we got back down to the ground we made our way towards dinner but first we stopped so I could take some general photos. Most of the grassy area was blocked by fences so we had to improvise where we took them but for the most part the pictures look great. I can’t believe that I can now say that I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower.

A small group of us made our way to an Italian place for dinner. I got pizza and other got some pasta. It was really good food and really filling.

We then made our way back to the Eiffel Tower to get photos of it at night. The lights make it really pretty against a dark sky. I kind of wish I would have gotten some photos of the skyline at night but that’s something I’ll have to do next time too.

The group then split up because I wanted to the Champs Elysees at night and others wanted to go back to the hotel. I made my way to the Champs Elysees with Hannah and got to see the street with all of the lights as well as the Arc de Triumphe. I’m going back tomorrow in the daylight but my dad told me that it looks cool at night too. Before I left for my trip he kept telling me that I had to get photos of the street lit up, so this one’s for you dad.

I ended the night with a milkshake from Five Guys because we saw one on our way back to the metro. It was so good. I’ve never been more happy for a milkshake in my life.

Tomorrow is sadly my last day in Paris so I’ll finish doing my shopping and of course the last minute touristy things. As sad as I am that the trip is ending, I am happy that I’ll be back to the states soon because I am ready to stop living out of my suitcase for awhile.

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