Adventures in Paris: One Final Journey

My European travels have officially come to an end. Today was my last day to explore the beautiful city of Paris so I did not waste any time.

I got my usual breakfast of hot chocolate and croissants with jam to start the day. Then Clare and myself tagged along with a group of people going to Saint Chapelle. I don’t really know much about this building but I’m glad I went because it’s beautiful on the inside.

Saint Chapelle was originally going to house the crown of thorns but that is housed in Notre Dame. The second floor of the chapel is where I really got lost in the beauty. The room is filled with light coming in from large stained glass windows that make up most of the room.

There are 14 windows with another rose shaped window at the top of a different wall. Each window represents different episodes from the bible and when you look at the windows you can see the different parts of the stories depicted. For example, the first window depicts Genesis and the creation of Earth.

I spent probably ten minutes just admiring the work that had been done for this building in the early eleventh century. It amazes me that I am able to see something so beautiful.

After visiting Saint Chapelle, I had to finish getting things for my family so we did souvenir shopping before lunch. It was also a bit early for lunch when we finished the chapel so this killed some time.

For lunch we went to Cafe Panis and I had some amazing ravioli. Throughout this whole trip I had some delicious pasta so it’s going to be hard to go back to eating it in America.

Next on the agenda was going to the Arc de Triumphe and the Champs Elysees. I saw both last night in the dark but I wanted to go to the top of the Arc and see them in the daylight.

Sam and I were the only two brave enough to climb the 284 steps to the top of the Arc. However, the view was worth the climb taken. My legs were burning and I was only slightly out of breath, but I loved the view I got of the city and Champs Elysees.

The next time I find myself in Paris I definitely want to climb the Arc at night to see what it looks like.

Once I got my views of the city we climbed back down the stairs to meet up with the other people we came with. The only thing left to do was walk down the Champs Elysees window shopping because most of the stores were way too expensive for me.

We probably spent a good two hours walking along the street before we decided to head back to our hotel. Our class was going to one final dinner together and we had to meet at 5:50 to walk to the restaurant.

Dinner was pretty good. I had a goat cheese salad which is something new. For my main course I ate a filet of fish and I finished the meal with some chocolate mousse. All three parts of my dinner were fantastic. (I was still a bit hungry after dinner though so I truly finished my meal with one small final crepe.)

All that was left to do for the night was pack everything away so I could leave for the states tomorrow morning.

I’m sad that my adventure is coming to an end but it will be nice to be home. All that’s left to do for class is finish my paper and turn in my travel journal. I also have to find something new to blog about because I won’t have fun stories to share about my day anymore.

Here’s to hoping I travel again soon!

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