Adventures in Paris: A Day in Versailles

Today was filled with learning part of the Paris Metro system as we tried to get to each destination. After breakfast we met our guide for Versailles and made our way to the metro to take the RER. The difference between the metro and RER lines are the distance traveled. RER is typically taken for longer distances past the city limits and the metro is typically for the 20 districts.

The ride lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes before we disembarked. From there we made our way to Chateau de Versailles. This is where Kings Louis XIV-XVI lived. I learned a lot about the history of France during those reigns. We got to see the King’s wing as well as where other people would have been in the palace. Unfortunately, the Queen’s wing is under renovation so we weren’t able to look at that part of the palace.

We also saw the gardens, which like the Luxembourg Gardens, would have been much cooler when the flowers and trees are in full bloom.

Once the tour was finished, we were let go to do what we wanted for the rest of the day with the condition of going to at least one museum. A group of us went to a crepe place in downtown Versailles. Here I went out of my comfort zone and ordered my first savory crepe. It was delicious. I was kind of nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it ended up working out in the long run. The one I ordered ended up tasting like a pizza.

We then took the RER back into the fifth district where our hotel is. Here we changed back into the metro system and took the metro to the Louvre. This place is MASSIVE. I already knew I didn’t want to see everything in the museum but I wanted to check out a little bit of it.

After spending 10 minutes trying to find the entrance to the museum, we eventually made it into the building. This is where we spent another 10 minutes finding where you get to the exhibits. It was quite a journey for us.

Eventually, we found the entrance and immediately made a bee line for the Mona Lisa since that is what most of us wanted to see. Along the way I tried to look at some of the other paintings because they were really cool to look at. I wish I would have known a bit more about art history so I could understand the paintings a bit more.

We found the Mona Lisa and it’s a lot smaller than I had imagined. It was really cool to look at in person but I’m glad my group decided to stay for more than just that painting. We decided to stay and look at some of the Greek and Roman statues on display. These were also really interesting to look at. Again, I don’t really know much about art history but I appreciated the beauty of the work I was able to see. I’ll probably come back to the Louvre and look at other things if I get the chance to come back to Paris.

After the Louvre, we decided it was about time for dinner so we headed back into the Metro and made our way to 2bis Cafe. It’s a small cafe near our hotel that was pretty inexpensive to eat at. I ordered another burger but I felt inspired by the Greek sculptures I saw so I ordered a Greek burger. It had feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and the cafe’s burger sauce.

I also stopped at a crepe stand on our way back to the hotel. I didn’t really need the crepe but they had one with oreo’s in it so I had to try it. My goal is to try as many crepes as possible during my time in Paris.

Eventually we made our way back to the hotel and we stayed in for the rest of the night. Tomorrow we will be going to the Musee D’Orsay, which is a really big impressionist museum. After that we will have our own free time to see other things.

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