Adventures in London: A Day of Sightseeing

Today was so much fun. Probably one of my favorite days on the trip so far; mainly because we had the entire day to do what we wanted to do. Clare, Elizabeth and I started the day off with a filling breakfast and we were later joined by our new friend Hannah. Before we headed underground, we planned out how our morning would look and our adventures were able to begin.

We started with a 45 minute tube ride to the London Bridge and Tower of London. This is also where our day of being a basic tourist started because we definitely visited and took pictures of all the biggest landmarks. The London Bridge was really cool and with the sun starting to peak out from the clouds, it was the perfect picture opportunity.


From there I took the opportunity to explore the area along the river Thames by myself because I had already been to the Tower of London. (yes I know you’re not supposed to travel alone but it’s okay. I’m safe and my dad knew so I’m fine.) This allowed me to see the river and some monuments dedicated to the Great London Fire. I saw the actual monument but I also saw some of the churches that needed to be rebuilt because of the fire. Did you know the fire burned for nearly five days and burnt almost 2/3 of the city?

I also ran into a little market area called the Lendenhall Market. It was mainly restaurants for the people who were on lunch break but I walked around because it was close to the Nando’s that we decided to eat at. Nando’s is a chain in the UK focusing mainly on chicken. Clare and I wanted to try it because we both like Niall Horan, so we were like “of course this has to happen!”

The food was delicious. We also found that there are some locations in the US so if I’m ever in the area, I will definitely be getting it again.

After being refueled, we rode the tube towards St. James Park to start the second part of our basic tourist day. We started out at Buckingham Palace and boy I wish I could see the inside. It’s just so beautiful. We missed the changing of the guard ceremony but I would love to go and see it during some different free time.


After Buckingham Palace, we walked along Mall Street towards Trafalgar Square to see the monuments there. It wasn’t a long stop because we were on a bit of a time crunch to get our friend Elizabeth to Big Ben before 3 pm to meet up with a friend. After seeing the square we made our way towards Westminster and Big Ben.

Unfortunately for us that area is under massive reconstruction. I think I might have seen some of the clock face through all of the scaffolding surrounding Big Ben. (It’s just another reason to come back to London.) We also saw the Parliament Houses and Westminster Abbey, both of which were so nice to see. I’ve found that most of the buildings in London are very pretty to look at and they’re all different too which gives the city character.

At this point, we were all pretty tired so we headed back to the hotel to wait for Elizabeth to meet up with us for dinner. I’m sorry to say that this ended my more British meals because I got Chinese food from a small take away place. It pained me to my soul but alas I will make up for it tomorrow!

I ended the night with gelato, which was super delicious. Tomorrow brings Roald Dahl and a day spent seeing what inspired Matilda.

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