Adventures in London: A Day in Oxford

Today was a super long but fun day. Our group took a day trip to explore the city of Oxford. The buildings were super intricate and it’s probably because the city is really old but Oxford has a definite personality about it.

After a breakfast consisting of the same food as yesterday, we boarded the bus for what ended up being a two hour ride. It was unfortunate that the day brought colder temperatures and a bit of rain but the exploring was fun nonetheless.

Upon unloading from the bus, we were greeted by Sheila, our tour guide for the morning. We walked along the one of the main roads filled with shops and cafes. We eventually ended up at Christ Church College. This college is one of the oldest of Oxford University.


Sheila started by describing the university system and how Oxford University works. Oxford is made up of 38 individual colleges and at the end of the student’s schooling they receive a degree from Oxford. Christ Church College is one of the highest ranked colleges to go to. Another fun fact is that no one other than fellows are allowed to walk on the grass in the courtyard. Student’s here also go to school for three trimesters that are eight weeks long. They’re on vacation more than they are in school but they also have an immense amount of homework during their breaks.

Again for lunch we went to a small pub in Oxford and I again ordered food that had fish because why not. If I remember correctly, I think I’ve had french fries at every meal other than breakfasts.

The afternoon started at the Bodleian Library for a brief tour. Here we learned about some of the history of the university and specifically the library. We got to go into one of the original rooms with all of the books and it smelled awesome. The room was filled with really old books so I walked in and was instantly hit with the smell and was really happy. Our tour guide was also really interested in what he was presenting which made the information so much more intriguing.

After the tour of the library we were free to explore on our own for three hours before dinner. There are a few museums in the area but none of them stood out to me so a group of us decided to just wander the city for an hour and a half. There were a bunch of shops and things to take photos of along the way.

To stop and rest we spent the rest of our free time in a cafe warming up and sipping on hot chocolate and coffee. We finally made our way to The Eagle and Child, a famous restaurant in Oxford because many famous writers were known to go there.


Our coach departed Oxford right after dinner and I unfortunately spent the rest of the night in my hotel room not feeling well. But tomorrow is going to be very fun as we have the whole day to explore ourselves.

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